Inspired By: Lady Suits

When it comes to fashion, award season is one of the most exciting times of the year; it’s on the red carpet that you get to see your favorite designer gowns come to life, after all. And while some designs should’ve stayed on the runway, many more dresses, suits, and other creations are simply breathtaking. But today, we aren’t going to focus on dresses, or even normal suits. This week, we’re going to talk all about suits for ladies!


From actresses to singers, and from start to finish, these lovely ladies strutted their stuff, proving that pants and a jacket don’t diminish feminine beauty. For example, take Tegan and Sara; the twin sisters both wore menswear-inspired looks, with Tegan rocking an all-black, full-on lady suit from the French brand The Kooples. Talk about stunning!


Speaking of musicians, here’s the band Haim at the Grammys. All three sisters are stunning, but it’s Danielle who takes the cake in her all-white Stella McCartney suit. The overall look is chic, stunning, and, with that deep V neckline, totally sexy. But don’t let Danielle’s beauty distract you from the other two! Both of them looked amazing, especially Alana with her sleek black jumpsuit.


It seems like people can’t get enough of Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick, and maybe that’s because she doesn’t shy away from wearing clothes that are different yet awesome. Kendrick looked amazing in her all-black tux with a neckline so daring, she herself said that despite being taped in she was worried about being another nip slip victim. Yet while it was risky, the deep plunge made for a super chic look.


So what does this mean for the rest of us? It’s time to cast aside the restraints of conventional fashions and rock whatever styles we want, even if it is labeled “menswear”. You don’t have to go for the full on suit look, though; both Lorde and Emma Stone rocked a pants look in two very different ways. However you wear it, for weddings, dances, or just dressing up in general, don’t let anyone tell you that a pant suit isn’t feminine. Give it a try yourself!


Written by: Courtney White

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