Anna Sui x Sailor Moon

When the news broke last week that Anna Sui was collaborating with the popular anime franchise Sailor Moon, my friends and I were shocked. Not only that Sailor Moon is getting its spotlight in the fashion world, but that a huge name in fashion is behind it. No one new that Anna Sui was a fan of the series until this collaboration, and these items are so cute that you’re going to want to book a flight to Japan just to go shopping. The collection is simply titled “Anna Sui Meets Sailor Moon” and features a variety of accessories and apparel. For those who are planning to travel to Japan this year, or are comfortable using a deputy service to purchase, this collection will only be available at Shinjuku Isetan for a limited amount of time (March 25-March 31), so don’t miss out!


Here’s what’s included in the collection:

• Purses: 32,000-35,000 yen ($267.47-$292.55)

• Crystal Star Compact Necklace: 21,000 yen ($175.52)

• Space Time Key Necklace: 16,000 yen ($133.72)

• Luna/Artemis Earrings: 18,500 yen ($152.62)

• Pearl Earrings: 21,000 yen ($172.52)

• Ribbon Bracelet: 19,000 yen ($158.80)

• T-shirts: 12,000 yen ($100.30)

• Clearfile Set: 1,600 yen ($13.37)

If you have the money and the ability to purchase these products, go for it. Not only is it in store for a limited amount of time, but it’s unlikely for these products to be sold anywhere else except for eBay or Amazon if you’re lucky. It’s Anna Sui, so you know these products are quality and worth the money. Everything is so cute and highly creative. I love her spin on the Crystal Star Compact, as well as her Luna and Artemis earring designs!

Written by: Tessa Viole

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