Styled by Songs: ‘Feeling Myself’ by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé


With Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé singing, this song is just as fierce as you would expect. Both women are strong, confident, and independent, and this piece definitely expresses that.

Changed the game with that digital drop

Know where you was when that digital popped

I stopped the world

Male or female, it make no difference

I stop the world, world stop…

Carry on


Let that ho ho, let that ho know, he in love with that coco

Why these bitches don’t never be learnin’

You bitches will never get what I be earnin’

I’m still gettin’ plaques, from my records that’s urban

Ain’t gotta rely on top 40

I am a rap legend, just go ask the kings of rap

Who is the queen and things of that

Nature, look at my finger, that is a glacier, hits like a lazer

Trippin’ on that work, trippin’ off that purp

Flippin’ up my skirt and I be whippin’ all that work


The lyrics are killer, the beat is bouncy, and both women make you feel great about yourself. That’s something we could all use more of, so let’s get inspired by their confidence and their unabashed love of themselves!




Written by: Jasmine Allen

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