Michelle Ong and Carnet’s Luxury Jewelry

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Carnet by Michelle Ong is based in Hong Kong. However, the wealthy and the famous gather to her exclusive designs. This includes favorite American and European Hollywood actresses, like the glamorous and elegant Kate Winslet.

What is it about these designs that bring admirers in numbers?

The designs itself are often unique. While there are many typical styles which focus on one or two gemstones aided by smaller gems in the same colors, there are also some unique styles. Ong’s focus on floral and nature is unique as it is different. She has included fruits, like a pear brooch, in her collection as well.

For one thing it is the amount of detail to each of the pieces. Each of these designs require constant evaluation and then re-evaluation. The detail is not the only inspirational aspect of her work, for instance, the many different gemstones that are selected. Often times many different hues of colors are used. The effect of light hitting these pieces is nothing less than stellar. The use of smaller stones added creates depth in the perception of her works. This isn’t to say that all her pieces are bright and colorful. Indeed, many are often exotic and tropical. However many use subtler hues and pastels, which also create a wonderful effect.

Really there isn’t much to say to get across the extent of beauty. The best way is to view these feminine luxury items for yourself. I am certain they won’t disappoint.

Written by:

Sara Khan

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