Fangirl Fashion Stylist Pick: The 2D Cartoon Bags

Welcome to our first Fangirl Fashion and Stylist Pick two-for-one article! Thanks to Instagram, I came across a really cool accessory that worked well for both sections of The Fashion Foot, and figured it would be best to put them together (In fact, I would’ve written about it much sooner if it hadn’t taken so long to find a shopping link!). To be honest, though, at first I didn’t think that this piece was even real. Look at it! Doesn’t it look like it was just Photoshopped into the photo somehow?

front-2xgzfc7oftar1ge7opvqbk Summer-Breeze-Yellow-Front-2ygvc5rlzag26broe2v400But that’s just it; it’s not Photoshop! These are genuinely real bags made by the appropriately named brand Jump From Paper. The secret is all in the sewing; the bold stitching used in creating these bags gives them the 2D cartoon like effect, and it’s thanks to that effect that they’re slowly being noticed all over the fashion world. Even high profile fashion publications like ELLE Denmark have mentioned them on their website.

From backpacks to satchels, there’s a bag type everyone can appreciate, and you can check out all the styles at Jump From Paper’s website! Would you sport a cartoon bag? Tweet us your thoughts or let us know in the comments!


Written by: Tessa Viole

Photo source: