Fangirl Fashion: Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega

A while ago I told you about the Anna Sui x Sailor Moon collaboration, and as it turns out there’s now another fashion partnership with the Pretty Soldier of Love and Justice coming your way! This time it’s from Samantha Vega, a Japanese (yes, Japanese) fashion brand that falls under a bigger fashion company called Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited. Samantha Vega specializes in bags, charms, and other small items, and while this is the first I’ve heard of them, I can tell from the style of the Sailor Moon collaboration that their design aesthetic is super cute.


Like the Anna Sui collaboration, this one is small, but it carries a great variety of items. Unlike the Anna Sui collaboration, however, you can order most of the products online, or at the Isetan pop-up shop, “GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE ~ LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE-UP ~”, open from March 25-31st. Here’s a rundown of what’s included!






• Large Moon Stick Leather Bag: available in four colors (white, coral red, navy, pink beige), 48,600 yen

• Small Moon Stick Leather Bag Small: available in 4 colors (white, coral red, navy, pink beige), 39,960 yen

• Luna Fake Leather Bag: available in Luna & Artemis style, 21,600 yen

• Sailor Guardians Leather Long Wallet: 21,600 yen

• Sailor Guardians Mini Leather Multicase: 19,440 yen

• Moon Stick Rucksacks: available in fake leather & denim styles, 30,240 yen

• Sailor Guardian Element Mark Charms: available in six styles, 6,156 yen

These are super cute accessories, and if you’re a Sailor Moon or anime fan who loves fashion, I would definitely look into buying some of these!


Written by: Tessa Viole

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