Tanya Heath’s Newest Shoe Technology

Almost every woman in the world knows the struggle of having to choose between shoes that are fashionable and shoes that are comfortable. Because of this, many women simply choose to carry two pairs of shoes with them a day! One for comfort while walking to work and the other for show while on the job. Now, with the invention of Paris-based designer Tanya Heath’s shoes with interchangeable heels, girls won’t ever have to sacrifice comfort for looks again.


These heels are the first of their kind! With a click of a button, Heath’s shoe-loving consumers can now exchange the heels on their shoes for other heels. They vary not only in shape and height, but also in color! There are multiple designs for every style and the shoes are made from very high quality leather, similar to that of Luis Vuitton. During a recent telephone interview with Fox News Business, Health discussed how she came up with the idea of interchangeable heels and why they’re so much more convenient than carrying more than one pair of shoes when going to work.


Oh, but wait! Don’t fall in love with these babies just yet! The average price range of Heath’s shoes range from $450 to $750! Still, the growing shoe brand Tanya Heath Paris has been selling pretty well in Paris, even with only one open store! She plans on expanding stores soon, but there’s no word yet whether or not she’ll open one in the United States.  It’s no secret that an invention like this could change the shoe market forever, but with a price like that, it will probably be awhile until Heath’s new shoes take over the world.

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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