The Liar’s Top 15 Outfits from Season 5

Season five of Pretty Little Liars was one of the best seasons yet… for fashion! Take a look at some of these amazing styles that were featured on your favorite liars:

Episode 2: Hanna’s Chic Combination


In this outfit, Hanna sports a very chic style that is something every girl wishes she had in her closet. The combination of blues, yellows and greys from her pants work really well to compliment her leather jacket and lace tank. Plus, her statement daisy necklace adds that perfect finishing touch to wrap up her look. The designers she’s wearing are none other than Maje (Edouard Moto Jacket), Clover Canyon (Space Garden Pants), Frenchi (Sheer Lace Tank), and Jeffrey Campbell (Booties).

Episode 3: Aria’s Flower Blazer


No matter what she’s doing, Aria seems to always wear the best clothes. In this ensemble, she’s wearing a bold black and white dress, along with a black, pink and green blazer. It’s a great combination of colors and the black belt pulls it all together. Her dress is from Anthropologie and her jacket was designed by Marciano. Aria’s pink handbag, designed by Rebecca Minkoff, brings in a subtle edginess to an otherwise chic outfit.

Episode 4: Spencer’s Animal Sweater


Spencer’s outfit in this episode of Pretty Little Liars is a stand out for sure! With her cute chambray blazer and animal print sweater, she looks as if to resemble an informal jockey about to race one of her best horses. The Corey Chambray Blazer was designed by Marc Jacobs and the Praia Leather Animal Applique Sweater was designed by Diane von Furstenburg. With a cute combination like this, anyone can feel confident enough to win a race!

Episode 8: Ali’s Stunning Skirt


Though Ali’s not everyone’s favorite liar, she’s still got an incredible fashion sense! In this episode, Ali is seen rocking a combination that is to die for! Designed by MinkPink, the white Ray of Light Top is simple, elegant and Ali covers it with a basic black blazer. However, the real stunner of this ensemble is the Queen’s Garden Skirt, which also happens to be designed by MinkPink, and Alison wears it like a pro.

Episode 8: Emily’s Daring Jacket


Episode 8 was definitely full of great fashion! In this bold combo, Emily is seen wearing an Aéropostale bomber jacket with a roaring tiger stitched on the back. Continuing the look, she is also wearing an Aéropostale 1/4 sleeve Shredded Raglan Tee. Everything here is brought together by the addition of another Aéropostale favorite, the Geo Squares Scarf. This look was so popular that it was featured in the Pretty Little Line at Aéropostale and girls everywhere loved it!

Episode 9: Aria’s Tulle Dress


This is definitely one of the best dressed Aria has worn in Season 5. By itself, the Alice + Olivia Gennifer Leather and Tulle Dress is more than elegant, but when Aria adds the Twist Stone Chain Waist Belt, designed by BCBGMaxazria, a different, more modern look is put on the outfit and it’s too good to ignore!

Episode 10: Spencer’s Plaid Leggings


Spencer is known for her twist on classic clothing styles. She’s usually not too bold, like Aria can be, but she does have her outstanding moments. This outfit really showcases Spencer’s daring side. Along with the Aria Woven Tunic from Aéropostale and Pierced Boots from All Saints, Spencer is seen sporting a black Aria Embellished Sweater and bold Aria Plaid Leggings. Both of these pieces were featured in the Aéropostale Pretty Little Liars line, and it’s so easy to see why!

Episode 10: Ali’s Pretty in Pink


Ahhhh, Alison is up to it again! In this outfit, it’s easy to tell that pink is definitely Ali’s color. She looks beautiful in this ensemble. The Mid Rise Jeans in Romeo, designed by Genetic Denim, and relaxed nature of the Slub Slouchy Pullover Sweater, by Alice + Olivia, really help bring out a more sensitive side to Alison. It’s too bad most of the Pretty Little Liars fans don’t get to see her in this light too often.

Episode 11: Emily’s Dress!?


Emily is pretty well known to be the tomboy of the group. Seeing her in a dress can sometimes feel awkward, simply because viewers know she probably isn’t comfortable. So, it’s no surprise that the time Emily chooses to wear a dress to school (designed by Topshop) that she tones it down with a Perforated Leather Bomber, by Trouvé, and tying a button down shirt around her waist. She even wears Stripe Knee High Socks and throws on a pair of Dunk Sky Wedge Sneakers!

Episode 12: Aria’s Floral Maxi Skirt


Aria’s courageous fashion sense just gets better and better as Season 5 progresses. At first, you might think Aria’s crazy for pairing these two totally different patterns together, but it’s actually pretty brilliant! The hot pink Tilly Crop Top, designed by Model, really compliments Nordstrom’s ASTR Floral Maxi Skirt. If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry, that’s just Aria’s style.

Episode 12: Hanna’s Style Shift


If you follow Pretty Little Liars, you know that at one point in Season 5 Hanna went from a gorgeous chic style to more of a dangerous grunge look based on what happened in her life. Still, even if you’re a fan of the old Hanna, you can’t help but admire the pieces in this outfit. The Urban Outfitters Revolution Tank, the All Saints Raven Cardigan and even those mesh tights still look good on her! Plus, who wouldn’t be a fan of those Bed Stü Bristol Boots?

Episode 15: Aria Goes Grunge


Maxi Tunics and shirtdresses are becoming so popular in the fashion world that it only makes sense Aria would be seen wearing one! The Grunge Sleeveless Maxi Tunic, by BDG, along with the simple 22 Inch Studio Stretch Peak Lapel Jacket, by Express, really help shed some light on this new trend. Oh, and let’s not forget those Jeffrey Campbell Open Up Cut-Out Oxfords…

Episode 18: Spencer’s Blouse


In this episode, Spencer is seen wearing Marc Jacobs’ Damara Print Crinkle Blouse. She combines it with a pair of super cute, high-rise buttoned jeans by BDG as well as Urban Outfitters Cooperative Classic Canvas Loafers. The shirt is 100 percent silk, which gives Spencer the perfect ooh-la-la factor!

Episode 21: Aria’s Lemon Print Skort


The best part about this outfit is the Topshop Lemon Print Skort that Aria is seen wearing. We know that Aria is no stranger to unique style, but this piece definitely comes out on top of all other Aria apparel! It is paired with an interesting Applique Crop Top, designed by Lucy Paris, so there’s nothing not to love about this outfit!

Episode 22: Aria’s Aztec Jacket


To round up the top 15 best looks from Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, we have Aria’s Jacquard Aztec Print Jacket, by Flying Tomato. Aztec print is one of the biggest fashion trends of the spring and this example really shows how adding bold, fun and colorful pieces to your wardrobe can really pump up your style!

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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