Trend Alert: Pirate-Inspired Clothing

One of the biggest trends for spring is wearing pirate-styled clothing. These flowy, oversized pieces complement so many body types and they’re perfect to wear in the warm weather!  There are a bunch of places selling similar looking outfits, such as puffy dresses and shirts, but you can find the largest collection of this style from Jen’s Pirate Booty. Sold in stores such as Free People and Revolve Clothing, this company is quickly rising in popularity! Here are some examples of their pirate-styled clothes you can get when you want to achieve a free-spirited look:

Baudelaire Mini Dress


Price: $180.00

Colors: Sky Blue Light and Summer Quartz

Material: 100% Cotton

Pixie Fiesta Crop Top


Price: $176.00

Colors: Pixie Natural

Material: 100% Nylon Mesh, 100% Cotton Embroidery

Camille Romper


Price: $185.00

Colors: Natural

Material: 100% Cotton

This romper was handmade in Mexico!

Nouveau Keith Richards Kimono


Price: $205.00

Colors: Summer Quartz/ Storm Cloud Tie Dye

Material: 100% Cotton

Desert Queen Sweater


Price: $112.99

Colors: Cow Skull

Material: 80% Acrylic, $20% Polyimide

This sweater is reversible!

Seaweed Maxi Dress


Price: $194.00

Colors: Red, Natural/ Caribbean Cloud Tie Dye

Material: 100% Cotton

Cuban Catsuit


Price: $198.00

Colors: White, Black, Navy, Black/ Gold

Material: Made in Indonesia

Serape Lovely Day Kaftan


Price: $264.00

Colors: Serape Pink

Material: 50% Acrylic, 50% Cotton

This top can be worn two ways!


Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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