Inspired By … Young and Hungry

Young and Hungry is quickly becoming ABC Family’s hottest sitcom!


Premiering last June, this comedy centers on food blogger Gabi (Emily Osment), who lands the job of her dreams as a personal chef for tech entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski). Although Josh and Gabi had a steamy one night stand at the show’s beginning, the pair hasn’t managed to start a relationship due to numerous hurdles. And since Gabi’s love life isn’t the only sticky situation she encounters, she relies on the help of Josh’s publicist Elliot (Rex Lee) and housekeeper Yolanda (Kym Whitley), as well as her roommate Sofia (Aimee Carrero), to try and save the day!

Aside from all this, Young and Hungry draws me with the cute fashion it showcases each week; Gabi, Sofia, and Yolanda each have their own sense of style and know how to rock it!

Gabi Diamond’s feisty attitude matches her bold and vibrant wardrobe choices. As a food blogger, money isn’t abundant, so she knows how to mix patterns and colors with her vintage meets modern style. Gabi also loves to accentuate her legs, so when trying to dress like her, make sure to incorporate cute short skirts and dresses.

To start, the ensemble here, inspired by Gabi, is perfect for a walk around town or running errands. To copy this fun, casual outfit, take a plaid sleeveless dress and pair it with a blue crew neck, a statement necklace, and a black skinny belt.


Forever 21 Plaid Dress, $19.90, BaubleBar Statement Necklace, $58.00, Neiman Marcus Black Belt, $295.00, Old Navy Blue Crew-Neck Tee, $7.50

As an aspiring corporate trailblazer, Sofia’s look is conservative and professional, but she does like adding a fun twist to business wear with floral prints and colors; doing so really livens up her wardrobe, which primarily consists of blazers and skirts.

Our Sofia-based outfit is a great choice for the workplace! Just go with a sleeveless collared shirt and a floral skirt, and add a skinny coral belt and black pumps.


Ann Taylor Sleeveless Collared Blouse, $69.50, Torrid Coral Skinny Belt, $16.50, Forever 21 Floral Print Skirt, $14.90, Kohl’s Black High Heels, $39.99

Yolanda’s style is all about comfort, since she’s on her feet most of the day. However, being a housekeeper doesn’t stop Yolanda from making a fashion statement with vibrant solid colors and animal prints.

This apparel, influenced by Yolanda’s taste, is a great little number for date night! For some excitement, pick out a pink animal print dress and accessorize it with a black clutch and some silver bracelets.


Saks Fifth Avenue Dress, $485.00, Aldo Black Clutch, $40.00, Charming Charlie Silver Bracelet, $13.00

The women of Young and Hungry know their fashion and are definitely great style role models! Gabi merging of art with fashion, Sofia always has chic professional looks, and Yolanda is all about cute and casual.


Written by: Cassy Autrey

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