The Right Time for the Right Watch

Different occasions require different types of outfits, with accessories to match. Watches are one of my personal favorites to incorporate into an outfit.

Of course, really nice watches can be worn at any time, but if you don’t want to wear your Daniel Wellington watch to Target, that’s totally understandable.


Wearing a watch that looks nice and is fairly inexpensive is a good way to wear a watch everyday that you won’t mind getting a little dirty or wet. After all, if you wear something everyday, it’s bound to see a fair bit of wear and tear.

ASOS has some really great products; you just have to be patient enough to scroll through everything and find the gems.

A watch like this looks just like a Daniel Wellington, but at a fraction of the cost. This is great for everyday occasions, or if you don’t want to break the bank for a watch at all, it can be dressed up for a big night out or an intimate night in.

Obviously if you’re working out or doing physical activities, you want to stay away from leather or something else that doesn’t handle heat and sweat well.

This watch is great for running around because the metal won’t hold any sweat, and as long as you’re not in the sun, it will keep you cool during those warm summer days.

Finally, just because you want something durable or something that can transition from daywear to a sports watch, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion or looking good while being at practice.

A watch like this is great because you can do laps around the track or go lift weights while wearing it, but afterward you can put on nice slacks and a blouse and go straight to dinner with it.

The key to finding a watch you love is that it transitions well from one occasion to another. Whether you want classic casual or modern sports, finding the right watch is the right way to complete any outfit.

Written by Maddy Kunz

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