5 Things You DON’T Know About Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is more than BFF’s with Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. She is a stunning print and runway model that is climbing her way to stardom.  Gigi has walked the catwalk for top designers like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. She is not just an astonishing model for the catwalk, she also takes gorgeous photos.  Recently, Gigi Hadid may have grew some angel wings as she poses for Victoria Secret Pink Collection. Gigi is more than a model, she is downright cool chick. Check out our list of five cool things to know about Gigi Hadid.

1) Great! Gigi is not a big fan of the gym either. But she does get her exercise in by boxing. During her boxing sessions she jams to the latest hits from her close girl pal Taylor Swift or to anything Beyonce.


2) Even fabulous fashion forward models can’t resist comfortable leggings. Gigi loves to lay around the house or run errands in leggings. But of course she has to do it in style in a pair of edgy leggings with zippers.


3) Models must get their beauty treatment. Gigi makes sure she follows that rule and she goes to Beverly Hot springs to get messages and skin treatments


4) G for Gluten-Free! Gigi loves to eat and follows an organic and healthy  lifestyle. Whether she is enjoying a cup of organic coffee from Urth cafe or fruit-filled smoothie from Sunlife Organics, she is totally staying healthy.


5) While, Gigi loves to stay fit and believes in a healthy lifestyle. She loves a good burger.

Written by: Morgan Falconer