Are “New” Beauty Trends Just a Blast From the Past?

Everyone knows that “what goes around, comes around,” and “history tends to repeat itself,” but do those sayings also apply to beauty? I say yes, because trends come and go, but a few always seem to circle back around for a second or third wind. It could be a celebrity changing things up, a themed runway show inspiring the masses, or style from cult classic films making an appearance in daily life. Although the summer tends to have a very 60s/70s hippie feel, the 90s have always been the decade of perfectly undone beauty, and as a true 90s kid, I will never say no to a throwback. No matter what brings it all back, we definitely love it!


The 90s definitely had its highs and lows when it came to cool hair, but there are some styles that will just never die. Starting with the wild-colored hair, the nineties had it going on. Unnaturally hued hair is still a really cool thing to do, but for a modern twist ,we like to keep it more pastel and subtle, instead of in-your-face color! And hair ad-ins like hair wraps, and hair charms are also making a comeback. Oh, those were the days…

As for the “perfectly undone” looks that we all just love, the deep side parts and messy grungy hair were part of our uniform. Luckily, since we started it, it’s easy to bring it back. Especially with lobs being the haircut of choice lately, it’s a style that everyone can do.



Now, millennials might think that baby buns started with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, but if you can remember back to the ska-queen herself, Gwen Stefani, she was not afraid to experiment with her hairstyles or color. We might not do our hair the same way now, but we honor the baby buns without abandon.




One must never forget the over-plucked, and over-drawn eyebrows of the nineties. Those were dark days, but we’ve learned so much since then. Eyebrows are such an important part of your face, that filling them in is a daily task. We remember our mistaken past, and give it a lesson in modernity by keeping a natural shape, as well as filling them in as a statement. Goodbye pencil-thin brows, hello (almost) au natural.


Eye makeup is a funny thing, especially with everyone trying to do the winged look, and never switching it up. Today’s winged liner is like the 90’s blue eye shadow, and that is one trend I refuse to allow to come back. But many forget about the other great eye looks of the 90s. Being summertime and all, it’s the perfect time to bring back the gold shimmer eye shadow that Mariah Carey rocked all the time. It adds a glow to your face, and is subtle enough to wear every day.


I love lipstick, lip liner, lip stains, anything lip. I love it all. But the 90s hold a special place in my heart when it comes to lips, since they broke the barrier with being able to normalize wearing lipstick every day. Kylie Jenner seems to have brought it back, mirroring the wonderful Cindy Crawford and Drew Barrymore with their brick colored lips. This color somehow looks good on everyone, and has the effect of a fuller lip, without looking like a blow-up doll. Whether it’s paired with a lip liner (another 90s favorite) and kept matte, or adding a little gloss to give it more of a rich wine color, the 90s knew how to do lips.






Nail polish has always been a beauty staple, but recently it has become an art form like nothing the nineties could have ever dreamed of. Throwing it back to the days of nail decals, celebrities and social media are constantly showing off the newest venture in nail art.




But the 90s also catered to those who didn’t necessarily want to be as wild, and the perfect vampy red or midnight blue wasn’t something you could live without, unless you wanted to be a complete social outcast.



Whether it’s trendy or just the time to switch things up a bit, when in doubt look to the 90s, they never let you down.

Written By: Tessa Kaplan

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