How to be a Fashionista

The life of fashionista is hard, but is it very rewarding. Here a few tips on how to be a true fashionista.

Plan Ahead

True Fashionista plans their outfit every night according to the weather. The next day, they wake up extra early to make sure their hair and makeup matches their fabulous outfit.

Dress for the Occasion

All stylish women, known the fashion rules when attending an event. Yes, fashion is all about taking risks, but it’s still important to look well dressed for the event.

Follow other Inspirational Women

All stylish women get their inspiration from fashion goddesses. Whether you gather your inspiration from fashion bloggers or models in high fashion magazines, keeping up with the latest fashion is essential to being a stylish woman. To be a true fashionista, a woman must take fashion inspiration and make it her own.

Pick the Perfect Accessories

All trendy women know what statement accessories to choose to create a chic outfit. Moreover, they understand the thin line between too much and too little. Accessories can easily be overdone, but fashionistas know how to pick the right accessories.

Know When to Wear Heels and Flats

Every woman loves flats because they’re comfortable and chic at the same time. But a stylish woman understands and appreciates the art of high heels. Most importantly, they know “beauty is pain” and will strut for hours in a statement pair of heels.

Shop Everywhere

A trendy woman loves a good bargain. During the day she always checks her email for online sales. Before making a purchase, she shops around to make sure she is getting the best price. 

Wear Comfortable Undergarments

Every fashionable person knows that the right undergarments make the outfit. They know the importance of a good bra and proper shape wear to match with every outfit.

Get Beauty Sleep

The key to a beautiful clear face every morning is getting eight hours of sleep. Beauty sleep is not only to create a nice foundation for your makeup, but it gives you the energy to conquer your day.

Flatter Body Type 

A stylish woman knows and understands her body. Therefore she wears trendy attire that appeals to her body shape. Also, she knows all the right colors that brighten her skin.

Written by: Morgan Falconer