Inspired By… Ruby Rose

The actress that has been on everybody’s minds lately is Ruby Rose. Not only does she star on the hit Netflix show Orange is The New Black, but she also is a leader in the LGBTQ community and huge inspiration in the fashion industry. Her style ranges from super girly to totally out of this world, reflecting her gender fluidity. Ruby Rose is definitely a force to be reckoned with, so take a look at some of the craziest outfits she’s been recently spotted in:

Lightning Bolts


To kick this list off, I thought I’d start with one of Ruby’s more subtle outfits. Though this piece is an adorable dress of average cut, there’s absolutely something a little off about it. Besides the clashing purple and yellow colors, the print itself is pretty daring to wear out in public. If you look closely, you can see that those small purple slashes are actually lightning bolts! If you’re looking to get noticed on the red carpet, this is how you’ll do it. I don’t think many celebrities could pull this look off, but Ruby Rose is just wild enough to do it.

Zebra Print


For an appearance on MTV, Ruby Rose was photographed in this casual summer outfit. Well, sort of casual. The mix of textures in this ensemble is so out there, I’m not sure if “casual” is the right word. The bold, yellow zebra print jacket is the icing on the cake when paired with those studded jean shorts and graphic tee. The entire thing makes Ruby look like she’s ready to rock out at a summer concert with some of her closest friends — no wonder why so many people love her!

Galaxy Pants


I know… Most of you are probably thinking something along the lines of “whoa, who let Ruby out of the house dressed like that!?” No matter how you feel about this outfit, I think it’s one for the books. Ruby is not shy at all about her wardrobe choices. This one, in particular, is pretty out there. The sheer top is full of color, while her spaced out leggings steal the show. The whole combination really shows off her tattoos and her personality, which is a win-win for Ruby.

Bold Colored Prints


This is a little bit of a throwback, but I can’t help but include it on this list! This dress is pretty much everything people like about Ruby thrown into one gorgeously creative piece of fashion. The overall design, interesting cut of the skirt and outrageous colors make for one outstanding ensemble. When Ruby threw on those red studded pumps, it was a wrap. She’s head-to-toe flawless in this piece and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Casually Crazy


I’ve saved the best for last with this outfit. If this isn’t the craziest outfit you’ve seen a celebrity wear to a movie premiere than I don’t know what entertainment news you’ve been watching. A little tacky and just completely foolish, Ruby mixes a few different styles into one with this getup.  Besides her wacked-out hair, I think the most notable piece of this ensemble is her oversized Hawaiian-inspired button down. If you’re looking for a cool costume this Halloween, why not find something similar to this?

No matter which version of Ruby Rose is your favorite, you can always expect her to throw something different your way. She’s innovative, fun and a fashion icon. Though I wouldn’t model all of my outfits after hers, some of them are just too crazy to go unnoticed.

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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