7 Ways to Clean Out Your Closet This Summer

Summer is almost over and that means it’s time to sort through your closet and do a major wardrobe cleanse. Figure out which clothes fit and which clothes don’t, which clothes you like and which clothes you can live without, and above all: organize! There’s no time to waste, so follow these great tips on how to make the most out of cleaning out your closet this summer:

Turn something boring into something fun!


Get out your iPod and crank up those upbeat tunes because it’s party time! Well, maybe not — but listening to music while you’re sorting through your clothes is the best way to keep yourself entertained! You won’t get distracted and you might even be inspired to finish early when your jam comes on.

Work in sections…


If you try to do everything all at once, you’re going to get overwhelmed. Instead of forcing yourself into a depressing state of mind, consider working in sections. Start with your shirts, move onto your pants and finish with your shoes. It’s easier and less stressful!

Try everything on — don’t skip anything.


In order to find out what clothes fit you, you’ll need to try them on. What worked for you in the beginning of the season might not work for you now. Your body changes all of the time, so it’s okay if not everything looks exactly how you remember it.

Prioritize, prioritize, oh…and did I say prioritize?


They key to cleaning your closet out and getting it ready for the next season is making sure what you need stays and what you don’t need goes. Start getting rid of your shorts and tank tops now and leave more room for comfy fall sweaters and hoodies. You can always put the rest of your summer clothes in storage.

Limit your amount of essentials.


I know this might be hard to hear, but there’s no need for ten pairs of jeans. If you can cut your essentials down to just a few pairs, you’ll have more room in your closet for other things! Instead of stocking up in jeans and leggings, buy different colored dresses and tops. That’s a much better use of your money.

Shove everything into organized groups.


While you’re deciding which clothes you’re keeping, throw them into piles based on your preferences. Leave one for everything you don’t want, but the rest can be dividing up into separate areas. Put t-shirts in the corner, jeans on the side of your bed and dresses on the back of your futon. It’ll make everything easier in the end.

Give your extra clothes away!


Once you’re finished going through your things, pick up everything you don’t fit or want and give it all away! If you don’t have a little sister you can shove them on, take them to a Salvation Army drop-off station near you and make someone else’s day. With a little effort, you can help someone in need, which is an amazing feeling.

As summer comes to a close, it’s important to clean out your closet. With these seven tips, you can make the most out of your experience. It will all pay off in the end!

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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