4 Ways to Transform Men’s Clothing Into Women’s Fashion

Sometimes, we all wish we could wear men’s clothes. They’re oversized, comfortable and easy to wear. With a little work, though, you can transform your favorite men’s items into amazing fashion pieces just for women! If one of your close male friends is getting rid of his old clothes, or you just feel like being crafty with something you bought from the store, check out these awesome ways to upcycle men’s clothing and turn them into women’s fashions:

Strapless Mini Dress


If you’re looking to take a ride on the country side, you should really consider transforming an oversized men’s dress shirt into a mini dress. Here’s a plus—there’s no sewing required! Just button up the shirt without the sleeves on, twist the sleeves around your front and crisscross them behind your back. All you have to do next is wrap them around again to make a cute little bow in the front. This simple DIY project, along with other creative ways to restyle a men’s shirt, was found on the Brit + Co. website. Check it out!

Summer Tops


You’ve probably already seen hundreds of tutorials showing you how to turn a men’s t-shirt into a simple tank top for your weekly visits to the gym. Unlike those, this tutorial shows you how to turn a t-shirt into something pretty and worth wearing in public. Found on the Trinkets in Bloom website, this woman turned her men’s t-shirt into a fabulous summer top that’s great for breezy days on the water. It requires a little extra time and sewing, but it’s something anyone can handle with a little guidance.

Jean Shorts


Let’s face it — women’s’ pants are always so much more expensive than men’s pants. There’s no good explanation, really, except for the fact that clothing companies like to take advantage of a woman’s addiction to shopping. If you’re on a budget, consider trying out this DIY project found on the So, I Make Stuff website. It’s really as simple as measuring and cutting! Sewing is optional, if you want to prevent excess fraying, and so is adding the heart design shown in the picture. Overall, it’s a really neat way to look cute and save a little extra money.

Statement Skirts


Okay, this has to be my favorite restyling idea of all-time. This woman decided to upcycle men’s ties and turned them into a super fashionable, one-of-a-kind skirt! It required a lot of work, but she kept the original ties in tact as much as she could. She did it by opening each tie, sewing them together, and then closing them up again. To create the waistband, she used the narrowest part of the tie. You can find the entire tutorial on the Of Dreams and Seams blog, here. It’s pretty cool, right?

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to rock men’s clothes or a classic DIY project that you can be proud of, use these four tutorials as inspiration. They’re pretty neat and will leave you wanting more once you finish.

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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