Airplane Outfits

Some people look forward to air travel. They enjoy the frenzied atmosphere, browsing airport shops, and listening to announcements being made in many languages. Others relish the sound of engines roaring and their birds-eye view from the airplane window. Despite these scenarios, flying is far from ‘enjoyable’ in the eyes of many travelers. However, revealing travel-smart clothing just may help them tolerate their next flight. On this list: airplane apparel that is comfortable enough to see you through turbulence and trendy enough to show off at your final destination.


Item Number 1: a wrap-around cardigan. Hoodies and over-the-head sweaters may sound easier to put on, but you are being fooled. You may still brush the person seated beside you as you slip on a cardigan, but you will definitely avoid getting your head stuck. Wrap-around cardigans also give you a third temperature option: you can unwrap them to expose your torso while keeping the extra warmth on your arms and back.


Item Number 2: a comfy hat. A soft beanie hat or beret covers your messy airplane hair while adding a stylish accessory. To keep track of your hat, always return it to the bag under your seat unless you are wearing it.


Item Number 3: wide-legged pants. Everyone wants to travel in leggings, without sacrificing classiness. An equally comfortable solution is to wear a stretchy pair of wide-leg pants that come in all sorts of colors, patterns, or shades of ‘class’. If you need to dress professionally, a black pair will do. If you want more personalization, there are more expressive patterns to choose from.


Item Number 4: Wear a sports bra. If your shirt hides a sports bra’s thicker straps, why not be inestimably more comfortable? Most people have trouble sleeping on planes, and wearing a sports bra will make it that much easier. Tell your body that it is time to relax and rest by refusing to put up with underwire.

Written by: Rachel Molloy

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