4 Backpack Alternatives You’ll Actually Want to Bring to School

No matter who you are, it’s hard to look cute carrying a backpack. Now that school is about to start again, I have found some fashionable alternatives for young women to look into. Here is a list of four backpack substitutes that you should look into for when you need to carry tons of stuff, but don’t want to sacrifice looking good for it.

Messenger Bag


Where it’s at: H&M

What it costs: $15

Messenger bags have been slowly making their comeback as of a few years ago. They haven’t always been the most popular accessory, but they are extremely useful! Depending on their design and where you go to get them, they can range anywhere from ten to over one hundred dollars. This one, from H&M, is pretty cheap, but it will last you awhile. It’s big enough to hold all of your stuff (and maybe even a little extra).

Bucket Bag


Where it’s at: Nordstrom

What it costs: $48

Bucket bags can be an amazing substitute for a backpack. Though, there are a few setbacks. While some women love the fact that there are usually no spate compartments for your things, others find it hard to rummage through their items just to find the one that they need—which almost always ends up at the bottom. Either way, the bucket bag can store a lot of stuff and is great for last minute stuffing!

Women’s Satchel


Where it’s at: Fossil

What it costs: $138

Very similar to a classic tote bag, satchels make women’s lives easier. They’re a little smaller than the other options I have on the list, but the convenient over-the-shoulder strap makes up for that. Because of the long strap, you can easily carry this bag around without it hurting your arms. This one from Fossil has credit card slits built into the side as well, so you don’t even need a wallet.

Hudson Sling


Where it’s at: Fossil

What it costs: $150

This sling is the closest thing I found to a backpack that doesn’t necessarily look like one. It has a similar one-shoulder strap to a normal backpack, but it also closely resembles the design of the bucket bag. The only difference is in its size. This sling that I found at Fossil is much larger than other comparable bags. It’s a little harder to lug around town, so you’ll definitely need to choose whether you want more space or more comfort.

Whether you’re carrying books around school or your kids’ toys to the playground, you should always remember your options. Don’t settle on an ugly looking backpack because you think that’s the only thing that will fit everything you need. Check out these more fashionable options and try them out for yourselves!

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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