Statement Earrings of Summer

Summer is the most colorful season for fashion. Many might think it’s spring, but summer is the fully saturated version of spring (since spring is mostly pastels). So of course any jewelry statement is going to be bright, colorful and full of life!

When I think about statement earrings, hanging earrings always come to mind since posts just don’t have that “notice-me” factor, and there’s no movement involved. But I’ll try to find a pair or two of statement studs!

Colors, shapes, styles; it doesn’t matter as long as they’re bright, bold and cute enough for summer!

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Colors are great, but sometimes metallics are just as “alive” as colors, especially gold, which happens to be my go-to when to comes to statement jewelry.

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No matter how you decide to do it, colors, metallic, or something new and exciting, statement earrings are a must for summer.

Written By: Tessa Kaplan

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