5 Fashion Must-Haves On Campus

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s moving back to college. Whether you go to a school close to home, or you’ve decided to spread your wings further out, there are things every college student has in common no matter where they go: fashion. Here is a list of five must-have fashion items you should have on your checklist this year:

College Apparel


This is pretty much a no-brainer, but college apparel is definitely the number one must-have every college student should have on their back-to-school list. Taking pride in your school is really important and so is showing it off! There will never be a day where you won’t see someone rocking their favorite school tee, so be a part of the crowd and have fun with it.

Rain Boots


You have to be prepared for the unexpected when you’re away from home, so rain boots should be very close to the top on your checklist. Instead of getting your adorable flats or sneakers soaked, consider purchasing a pair of rain boots. They last a super long time and will never let you down in bad weather.

The North Face Jacket


Along with rain boots, The North Face jackets are one of the most-seen fashion pieces around college campuses. They’re better looking than other puffy winter coats and they keep you warm throughout the fall and beginning of winter. They’re easy to find and look pretty cute. Make sure to pack them before you head off for school!

Knit Hats


Once the cooler weather starts to come around, college girls everywhere start to break out their knit hats. They’re more than just an accessory to keep your head warm — they’re fashion must-haves on campus. While they look the best in natural colors, some wear them in a variety of different shades. If you really wanted to, you could even make one for yourself that’s as unique as you are! It’s completely up to you.



I know what you’re thinking — there’s nothing in this world better than a good pair of leggings. Well, that’s probably true, but there’s something that comes in at a very close second around college campuses. When you feel like looking nice, but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, try wearing jeggings instead of jeans. They look just like your favorite denim pants, but feel as good as leggings. Most college girls love them, so I’m sure you would too!

Before you run out the door this year, double check to make sure you have all of these must-have items in your bags! College is a great experience and these fashion pieces will help you make the most of it.

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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