Who is that lady that is tacked on every college girl’s wall? Her lovely quotes plastered across Facebook statuses and instagram captions? What is the name of the woman who is a style icon for decades before and decades to come?

Yes, it is THE Audrey Hepburn.

I can personally attest to taping up posters of her on my wall. I can even go so far to say there is a stunning photo of her in my living room. She simply oozes style and class. Enough so, that she can be put on display for others to admire and notice. Does this not remind you of how we look at modern day stars?

There is usually something about them that makes them utterly amazing and iconic. When I look at Audrey Hepburn, I do so to emulate the aura she had and the clothing she wore.

In her films and appearances, she gives off a very polite but strong vibe. She can put on the face and clothes of a ‘lady’ yet still speak her mind and follow what she believes in. This did not only show in her films, but in her life’s work. Hepburn supported many charities and groups that worked to make the world a much better place to live.

So why is she my style icon? She’s a lady.

As mentioned, she wears the clothes of a lady. She shows off one feature and leaves the rest to the imagination. She creates the ultimate balance. Let’s say she adorns a floor length dress, she would only show off her shoulders. If she were to wear an all black ensemble, she would focus in on the lips and face. Hepburn always played on her own strengths; she played them up individually.

All Black

Speaking of all black, Audrey is a prime example of black never goes out of style.

She utilizes the versatility of the color and the ability to make other features pop. One could say Audrey Hepburn was an early example of the minimalist trend that is raging right now. She used small prints with solids, mainly black. She displayed that the color black is something that goes with everything, especially red or pink.

Written by: Peyton King

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