Winter Makeup For The Fair-Skinned

For the lighter skinned, it’s always the same story. Winter rolls in, dark shades come out, and we’re left wondering how to keep up with the season’s beauty trends while avoiding an over the top train wreck look. It’s hard when all you want to do is buy Nars’ new warm chocolate lip, or wear the crimson shade offered in Dior’s section. Instead, we’re forced to accept the light pinks, the pale blues, and the milky whites.

Makeup companies have caught on to this dilemma, and interestingly enough have begun to foster materials specifically for those who were blessed with snow white complexions. Now, despite the darker colors of the season emerging, we can be part of the fun as well!

Chanel, Bare Escentuals, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown among others are part of the plan to be more inclusive of the fair skinned in their winter plans.

Take a look at some of the most recent options on the market, and make it work around the occasion you’re setting up for. Holiday parties always require more vibrant shades, however casual situations do well with a little bit of shimmer and moisturizer. Here are our top selections for the fair skinned ladies this season:

1. Hope In A Jar by Philosophy

This ultra rich moisturizer will be erase any facial dry spots and keep you looking healthy, with a subtle glow.


2. Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense

This creamy daily moisturizer shields fair skin from the sunlight, promotes anti-wrinkle and has a low tinted effect to be used in replacement of a standard bronzer.


3. Bare Escentuals Matte SPF 15 Foundation

This smooth foundation decreases oil buildup, keeps the skin UV protected and naturally complements the skin tone. Comes in a variety of shades depending on the level of fairness.


4. Revlon Photo Ready Creme Blush

The creme feature hydrates the skin without causing excess oil. Comes in several vibrant shades and lasts two times longer than your standard blush.


5. Benefit High Beam

This subtle complexion highlighter spotlights your cheekbones and complements porcelain traits of the skin, adding an inconspicuous glow.


6. Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit

With two shade options to this kit, you can utilize it as a spot concealer as well as under eye. Especially in winter months, fair skin tends to look more drawn and tired. Good under eye concealer can be a game changer in the makeup world.


7. Urban Decay Naked Face/Body Shimmer

Shimmer is very important as the final accessory to completing your makeup look. Add a light touch to the whole body to illuminate the natural beauty of the skin. You’ll find that your previously darker, sadder than usual complexion will become bright and refreshed.


8.  Stila Holiday Collection 

With vibrant shades ranging from precious pinks to daring reds, there are no bounds to where this eye shadow kit can take you. While its brightest shades are certainly eye catching, they acknowledge the fair skinned consumer as the color scheme is interchangeable between fair and dark complexions. If you choose to go on the darker side, make sure to balance it out with a lighter lip or blush.


9. Mac Orange/Coral Lipsticks

Mac has the best selection of lipsticks for the fair. During winter months, it’s important to remain subtle in your hue choices, even when you want to flash some color. Orange-y and coral color schemes are best to use. Depending on your skin, choose lighter oranges if you’re super fair and work your way down to brighter corals if you’re nearing a more soft, golden complexion.


Don’t be shy this winter and bring out your most colorful self with these fail-proof options. Fair skinned can have just as much if not more fun!

Written By: Annabel Nielsen

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