We Try Before You Buy: At-Home Teeth Whitening


Guess who’s back and ready to try out all your favorite Pinterest DIYs! (Hint: If you guessed me then you’re on the right track) This week I decided to give my smile the makeover it deserves by trying an at-home whitening regime using items that I already had in my kitchen, so no need to fret about over-the-counter prices!

The routine is fairly simple. All you need is the following

  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • juice from half of a lemon
  • Q-tips

After mixing the baking soda and lemon together, I dried off my teeth with a towel, then applied the mixture to clean teeth with the Q-tip. Most treatments say to leave the mixture on for anywhere between thirty and sixty seconds. Be sure not to exceed the one-minute mark, because you could potentially damage you tooth enamel if left on too long. When your time is up, rinse out your mouth with water and brush your teeth to ensure the mixture is completely off your teeth. You should see a noticeable whitening in your pearly whites!

Besides the taste being gross and the fact that I ended up drooling on myself, I loved the quick results of this process. The only downside of this at-home DIY is the possibility if damaging your tooth enamel. Coming from someone whose super paranoid about anything tooth-related (Hello, three oral surgeries), it’s hard for me to jump on board with a regiment that could potentially harm my teeth. Remember, once tooth enamel is gone, it’s gone forever. All websites say to do this routine no more than twice every two to three weeks over the course of six weeks.

My diagnosis? This definitely works, but I don’t trust it for the long-term. This regime is perfect for a last-minute whitening session. When done sparingly, I agree that it’s definitely a good alternative to costly over-the-counter whiteners. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and if you notice a new sensitivity in your teeth, cease treatment and hit up your dentist.

Written By: Bayley Wright

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