Inspired by… Gossip Girl

Hello Upper-East Siders, or the rest of the internet,

If you are familiar with the popular teenage/young adult television show then you know that these ladies come packing a fashion punch.

The leading ladies Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen are pinnacles of the fashion world in the Upper East Side and in all of our hearts. Though there have been so many amazing qualities to the series that the audience loves, including the tantalizing love triangles, daunting drama, and monstrous credit cards, naturally what all of us are missing most from the end of the series is the wardrobe. The amazing outfits that were put on display every episode never failed to impress or wow us. Sleeping, swimming, class, work, or even costume parties, and the Gossip Girl Crew never disappointed their loving viewers.

Here are a few of the series’ best inspirational looks:

Jenny Humphrey always showed a little leg.


One of the qualities that little Jenny Humphrey possessed was her undeniably long legs. She used them too. To channel your inner Jenny Humphrey include unique styles and fashion risks, and show a little extra leg in the process.

Tights are a winter necessity.


To be sure to stay warm in these upcoming winter months, adorn your favorite pair of tights. Blair Waldorf and her step crew were sure to be wearing a pair of these everyday that they were sitting having their favorite yogurt. Bonus points for colorful additions.

Serena Van Der Woodsen, Schoolgirl Chic


One of the common staples of the Gossip Girl scene was that they were all private school students. As a fashionista, surely Serena was compelled to upscale her daily school attire. Though different blazers and accessories, Serena was sure to make herself known on the scene.

Written by: Peyton King

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