What to Wear to Your Next Pilates/Yoga Class

Exercise is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves. Plus, our bodies deserve to be treated well and kept from rusting over. Yet, the schedules of the typical twenty-first century girl often make regular exercise routines tricky. Not to mention,many of us struggle to find the motivation to keep up regular exercise routines. Hence, the brilliant organization of Yoga and Pilates classes which enforce regular exercise and muscle work. I have to admit, I am often decidedly unmotivated and averse to moving my body in any way, shape or form. Yet, ten minutes into my Pilates lesson, I am glad I came (this feeling tends to die away again as soon as we begin our ab series). To help maintain my motivation, why not apply the old adage “dress for success” to Pilates and Yoga sessions? The power of fashion to influence one’s day and add an extra pep to your step plays out in the world of office and school fashion. For this reason, why not also in the realm of athletics? To help bolster your enthusiasm for your next athletic endeavor, below are several athletic fashion articles sure to prompt you to up your performance level during your next Pilates or Yoga session.





Find a shirt with a fun cut-out design featured on the back. Whereas the workplace or school are less appropriate places to show skin, the more your bare skin can breathe in your Yoga and Pilates sessions the better. Placing a thin work-out shirt with cut-outs over a sports bra will also allow you to show off the playful print or fun straps of your sports bra. Additionally, the visible layering of shirt and sports bra straps creates an interesting, alluring pattern of fabric around your torso which (hopefully) inspires the wearer to move more gracefully in response.


Try on a pair of super-cute leg warmers! This advice may clash with the idea of staying cool during exercise, but it doesn’t have to. As the ballerina knows, leg-warmers don’t have to make you sweat, especially if you wear them over thin tights or a bare leg. The leg-warmer look creates the iconic image of a dancer and surely helps inspire the wearer to stretch a little farther or engage with an exercise a little longer—to not give up, as all dancers are taught.


Synchronize—or better yet match—your sports bra and leggings. Finding and purchasing a matching sports bra and legging set takes less effort than finding two separate pieces, though the resultant outfit looks ironically ever more sophisticated and slaved over. This striking and harmonious pairing testifies to impeccable athletic fashion taste and clothing coordination, which just might translate to better somatic coordination during exercises.

The best way to motivate yourself to give your all during physical exercise is to believe in the value of hard work. That being said, it never hurts to don a trendy work-out outfit to help remind you of the perfection for which you are striving. Dressing yourself as a high-caliber performer is sure step closer towards being one!

Written by: Rachel Molloy

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