Inspired By … Scream Queens


The up-and-coming TV show that has viewers scared for their lives while simultaneously wondering who the stylist is has got everyone talking. Scream Queens is more than just a show: it’s both a stylebook and #closetgoals. The most notable of all includes the clique, the Chanels, who (surprisingly) don outfits with obvious inspiration from Coco herself. Want to look like your favorite betches on television? Check out the following staples to form your very own Chanels-inspired wardrobe.

Pastels – Nothing screams Scream Queens quite like the pastel color palette. The characters tend to stay on the more feminine side, sporting pinks and purples. Check out this Antonio Berardi dress or Carven Crepe mini-skirt to soother your pastel passion.

Tulle – Tulle is seriously a girls best friend, especially when said girl is a Chanel. Invest in this Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt to embrace your inner scream queen. Plus, this will come in handy for the fast-approaching holiday season!

Classics – The highly anticipated and newly released online Chanel sunglass store couldn’t have come at a better time. Sometimes, going with the classics is really the best way to get the look. And nothing says classic quite like Coco Chanel. Try these Silver Round Runway sunglasses and you’ll truly feel like Chanel No. 1!

Written By: Bayley Wright

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