Flats are Back

Good news, ladies, the shoe that is always stylish and miraculously comfortable is back. Flats have managed to stay on the edge of the fashion radar, hovering just out of reach. But we no longer have to hide our love for the flat, because they’ve returned in all shapes and styles.


The best part about flats is how versatile they can be. No need to feel restricted by the powdered baby pink shade of the ballet slipper, the flat that started it all. These shoes look best when you get creative and spice up the classic look and try something wild.

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Flats can be as fashionable and as appropriate as heels, but they have the added benefit of being comfortable. No more bandaged ankles and back up shoes for a night out, just find the perfect pair of flats and you’ll be able to dance all night. Festive flats are perfect for upcoming holiday parties. Wear them with ugly Christmas sweaters or chic trousers for a festive feel.

However you chose to wear your flats, just remember to stay in tune with your personal style and you can never go wrong.

Written By: Amelia Mueller

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