Trend Alert: Turtleneck Hair


Yes, you read that correctly. Turtleneck hair is a thing and trust me, it’s your new best friend. You’ve probably already executed turtleneck hair at some point and simply weren’t aware of it. Well, I’m here to set the record straight and to give you some looks you’ll want to steal.

It’s 8:37 AM. Class starts in 15 minutes and it takes 20 minutes to get there. You went to bed with wet hair and it’s doing that thing where it’s neither straight, wavy nor curly- just meh. DO NOT FRET. Grab your favorite turtleneck and pull it over your head. Don’t bother readjusting your hair to pull it out of the neck. Voila! Turtleneck hair. If your hair is unruly and you want some sort of order, try putting your hair into a low ponytail before pulling on your sweater of choice. Once you’re ready, loosen the ponytail as you please. In my opinion, this is an easy way to emulate the bob hairstyle that’s so popular nowadays.

If you’re currently thinking to yourself, “Bayley, you’re insane. I will look like a mushroom in the head region,” I completely understand and appreciate your concern, but I have to disagree. It’s effortless, it’s easy, it’s trending right now, and if Leandra Medine is doing it you know it has to be hella comfy. Check out these ways to style your turtleneck hair and get on with the rest of your day!






Written By: Bayley Wright

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