Alberta Ferretti’s Bridal Forever 2016 Collection

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when something beautiful happened. It was Alberta Ferretti’s 2016 collection and it was amazing. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day, because I immediately grabbed my computer to stalk one of the prettiest bridal collections I’ve ever laid eyes on.

What I like most about this collection is the light, airy feel that each dress possesses. When we live in a fashion world that gets a lot of its inspiration from the bohemian lifestyle, it’s fully expected that the bridal world would follow suit. Ferretti’s collection, however, truly emulates the boho-chic vibe many strive for, but not-so-many achieve.

Simultaneously, Ferretti’s Forever 2016 collection has aspects of vintage wedding gowns as well. My personal favorite is the Nemesi (the first image below) because of its vintage feel- also, I’m a sucker for anything with sleeves.

If you’re tying the knot (or not), be sure to keep the Forever 2016 collection by Alberta Ferretti on your horizon, this girl brings the heat when it comes to the bohemian-chic wedding gowns Pinterest is obsessing over.

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Written By: Bayley Wright

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