App Breakdown: Villoid


Ready to download your new favorite fashion app? Good, because I’m back to tell you all about the next best app: Villoid.

Villoid had humble beginnings, as it started out at as a Norwegian-only app called SoBazaar a few years back. Upon pairing with fashion icon, Alexa Chung, it’s CEO Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik was able re-vamp the original idea and get it on the international playing field.

I first heard of Villoid through social media, as I follow Alexa Chung on Instagram, which is where she announced Villoid’s big reveal. I immediately downloaded it out of curiosity, and it has since changed the way I work with fashion.

Villoid allows users to create Pinterest-like boards consisting of outfits they can create themselves. Each item on every board can be clicked on and purchased through the app, though I’ve only ever used it simply to get outfit inspiration. You can follow different users (many of them stylists or fashion bloggers), and oftentimes Villoid will feature different contests you can enter simply by making an outfit. You can follow specific brands, and search for items by category or even whether or not they’re on sale.


What I like best about this App is how effortlessly it runs. I tend to search for very specific items and there’s always a vast array of possibilities when I search Villoid. Plus, I know I’m getting some top-notch items and not simply an image of an outfit that was out-of-stock 3 years ago on some random website. You can favorite boards or specific items and go back to look at your favorites since the beginning. Plus, I love Alexa Chung’s effortlessly cool style, and following her on Villoid has seriously improved my outfit game.

Interested in trying it out yourself? Go to the app store on your phone and search Villoid –  it’s free! Get started by following a few of the suggested users or brands, and you can search for specific brands you love. So get out there and build your dream closet, Clueless style.

Written By: Bayley Wright

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