Mix Prints Like a Pro

Mixing prints is a great way to show off your fashion sense, but it can be tricky business combining patterns without the look becoming too busy or overwhelming. If you’re interested in stretching your style legs by mixing prints, try these tips to keep your look on point.



Match Colors – A fool-proof way to mix prints is to match at least one color in each print. This will keep the look coordinated. You don’t always have to match, if the colors in the prints generally look good together, then the prints will look good. Stay in the same color ranges like pastels with pastels, rich tones with other rich tones, and you will look like a pro.



Large and Small – Another simple way to mix prints is by pairing a big bold pattern with a smaller more subtle one. You can pair a bold floral with small stripes, plaid with a small floral, or little polka dots with an eye-catching graphic print. You’ll keep your body in proportion. If one of your patterns is really feminine, pair it with a simple or masculine print to make your outfit cool and modern.



Black and White – With prints, a plain black and white pattern is your neutral. It will go with just about anything. A black and white striped, plaid, hound’s-tooth, or polka dot can become your go to. Combining two black and white patterns creates an amazing classic yet modern vibe as well.




Solid Colors – If you’re afraid your outfit is getting a bit too busy or you’re still a little scared of going all out mixing prints, you can break up the prints by adding a solid colored item to you ensemble.


Mixing prints is great way to draw attention to your outfit and look high fashion at the same time. You really have a lot of options, and with these guidelines you can feel confident in your printed look.

Written By: Emily Edinger

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