Trend Alert: Victorian Inspirations

We’ve seen a lot of distinct new fashion trends recently, but one trend that was all over the runways this spring, and even the past few years, takes a cue from the past. Victorian-inspired fashion is huge right now. From ruffles to velvet to pearls, this era is making a huge fashion comeback. You might think this trend is too drab or stuffy, but here are a few great ways you can incorporate it into your modern wardrobe.


While this trend has been featured in entire outfits on the runway, for every day, the best way to incorporate this trend is to focus on one beautiful vintage-inspired piece and keep the rest of the outfit simple and modern.



The Victorian era basically created the idea of a fabulous evening clutch, so you really can’t go wrong with this piece. Whether it’s beaded, embossed, or tapestry, a Victorian-inspired bag will elevate any outfit.



Lace items will create a romantic feel. Choose a lace piece with a high neckline to make it feel even more Victorian.


Laced riding boots or pointed toe booties are trends originally from this era that are huge right now.



A full mid-length skirt is a modern twist on the full hoop skirts of the Victorian Age. A muted floral or tapestry pattern is a cool way to keep the vintage vibe.


victorian_6Finally, we can’t forget about jewelry when talking about this trend. Victorian jewelry was all about showing off wealth with big bold accessories with bright jewels and pearls for days. This kind of jewelry is perfect for a night out and will make you feel super fabulous.

Written By: Emily Edinger

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