Five Books Every Fashion Girl Needs to Read

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If you’re fashion obsessed, you probably find yourself constantly seeking news ways to learn more about the industry. Social media outlets and blogs help, but sometimes it’s best to just go back to basics. Some of the most valuable information about the fashion industry has been written in books for all of us to get our hands on. Thinking about working in the industry? There’s a book for that. Wondering how your favorite designer got started? There’s probably a book for that too. Or maybe you just have no idea where to get started, and we’re here to help. The following books are some of the most informative and popular fashion reads.

The Woman I Wanted to Be – DVF
A truly insightful biography of DVF full of advice for all women in the industry.

The Vogue Factor – Kristie Clements
From answering phones to Editor-in-Chief, Kristie Clements deep dives into working for Vogue.

Secrets of Stylists – Sasha Charnin Morrison
An absolute must have for all fashion lovers and stylists alike.

If You Have to Cry Go Outside – Kelly Cutrone
The epitome of unfiltered advice from the one woman who definitely isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry – 
Amy Odel
A look into the fashion world through the lens of the outside girl.

Written By: Emily Stone
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