Inspired By…Kelly Osbourne

Many of you probably remember Kelly Osbourne from the MTV reality show, The Osbournes. Back in the early 2000s, Kelly was best known for her brutal honesty, cursing, pink hair, and being Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. Since then she has dabbled in almost every area of the entertainment industry, but fashion seems to be her true passion. Even back on The Osbournes her punk rock fashion choices were making waves and being praised. Kelly has really made her mark in the world of fashion in the past decade. She was a fashion correspondent for E! and a cohost of Fashion Police for five years.  Currently, she has her own line of clothes available at HSN.


While Kelly’s style has changed and evolved over time, she has always stayed unique and quirky. She’s not afraid to take fashion risks, and most of the time, they pay off big time. She has mastered combining retro, classic, and rocker styles.


She also knows how to look professional but with a cool fashion edge.


She can even rock ultra feminine styles. You can really tell that she is now comfortable in her own skin, which is the key to pulling off any look.


Of course we can’t talk about Kelly Osbourne’s style without discussing her hair. She is one of the few people who have successfully managed to keep their hair dyed and constantly change its color, and yet it still looks good. I honestly don’t know how all her hair hasn’t fallen out with all that change. She’s had it pink, gray, red, purple, and of course blonde. If you’ve ever thought about dying your hair a cool color, you can definitely get some great inspiration from Kelly.



Written By: Emily Edinger

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