Bombers: Bomb or Nah?

We are not military pilots but certainly, we like to dress like them. Inspired by military pilots, bomber jackets have hit the market and has proved to be one of the biggest trend of the year. Also called flight jackets, they were made into the U.S. Air Force to replace the bulky attire for pilots with nylon jackets that were more lightweight and convenient. Notice that there is usually a pocket on the left arm of the jacket which was originally placed for pilots used to carry around pens. Then in the 60’s it was worn by students on campuses, then adapted by pop singers, and finally made its way to the runaway. Why do people love these jackets? These jackets are vital for winter and can last even through spring as they can keep you warm and preserve heat. During winter, these jackets are big enough for you to layer sweaters inside and during spring, just throw on the bomber jacket over a simple t-shirt.

The principal bomber jacket design is the classic black bomber. The neon color (usually orange) is an unexpected inside color but gives a classic vibe to the jacket. Overall bombers offer a chic and edgy look to almost any outfits and are also paired up with many street style outfits.


Other than the classic black, there is the cami green that more resembles the flight jackets. Not only can they be paired with the usual black jeans and a t- shirt but can rock your dresses.


For a more unique style, you can get these pink bombers which mixes an edgy look with a sprinkle of feminine touch.


Our contemporary designers developed the bombers further by adding great, beautifully- detailed embroideries onto these already fine jackets. Although these can be a bit pricy, the looks are priceless.


When we question how it can get better, patches were added to the bombers! Giving the personalized feel to the jackets, the jacket just got better an a whole lot of fun.

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So are bombers bomb or nah?

Written By: Julie Ahn

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