DIY Facial Masks

Skincare is a very important routine, and unfortunately, an incredibly expensive routine too. Of course, there are cheaper options with common brands such as Aveeno, Neutrogena, or Clean & Clear. But overall, taking care of your skin can be time and money consuming. Today, one of the most popular routine for girls and women are face masks. Face masks are great for hydration, glow, and other various reasons depending on the type of mask. Although some masks may be cheap as a dollar, some high-quality masks range from 5 to 20 dollars per mask in stores such as Skinfood or Sephora. As an alternative, many bloggers and youtubers started making their own facial masks. This may be cheaper and better for your skin because you can avoid chemicals and control the ingredients that are going into the mix. Here are some quick and easy facial masks that you can DIY at home:

Cucumber slices (eye puffiness): Cucumbers are not only recommended for eating, but they can also make quick and inexpensive facial masks. Fresh cucumbers are great for puffiness or dark circles around your eyes. Just slice some cucumbers and cover your face with them.


Avocado masks (hydration): Avocados contain many essential minerals and vitamins that are perfect remedies for dry skin. I personally tried this recipe with my friends and at first, it might sting a little if you have really dry skin, but it is definitely worth the incredible hydration you obtain from this.


You need:

  • ½ avocado
  • 2 tbs hot water
  • 1 ts honey

Mix them all together and just apply it to your face!


Egg white masks (acne & pores): Eggs are not only a great protein source, but are also wonderful for treating acne and toning your face. It contains enzyme called lysozyme that helps fight acne and helps with shrinking your pores.


You need:

  • One egg white
  • 1 ts of orange juice
  • .5 ts of turmeric powder

Put the solution on for 15 minutes!


Banana honey mask (glowing skin): If you want glowy skin and a healthy looking face, this is the perfect mask for you. Bananas are great for brightening your skin and your vibe!


You need:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp honey

Mash the banana and then put in the rest of the ingredients. After 10-15 minutes of applying it to your face, rinse off with warm water.


Milk mask (exfoliating & brightening): For a milky, smooth face, try the milk exfoliating mask that will scrub away all your dead skin and leave your face clean and clear.


You need:

  • ½ tbs of milk
  • 1 ts of honey
  • 1 ts of ground oatmeal

Mix them and apply it to you face. Rinse off after 10- 15 minutes.

Written By: Julie Ahn

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