Are Classic Sneakers The New Trend?

You’ve seen platform shoes, pointed heels, running sneakers, and even your crazy and bold statement New York style shoes from runways, but are the classic sneakers a new or current trend? People walk up and down the street with original Adidas, slip on sneakers, leather shoes, etc. Even at my university, there are all over the place being paired with ripped jeans and a white t-shirt or an entire sweat pants and hoodie set. I think to myself, “Wow, they look absolutely stylish.” I would have never thought that classic sneakers could change the entire look from “blah” to “chic.” It’s something about a classic sneaker that creates a new dilemma. Is it the shape of the sneaker? The material? How fresh and stylish it looks? The fact that it goes almost with everything? You can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers that you can throw on your feet to change how you look and feel about your outfit. 


This Urban Outfitters Slip-On sneaker is the ultimate classic, simple and chic shoe for the summer. These effortless and affordable sneakers would be perfect with your favorite denim for that sweet city style. The sneaker has stretchy elastic material on the sides with a comfortable cotton rubber sole. The great part about this sneaker is that it has basic colors such as black, grey, and white, but my favorite color is the nude of course!


Time to bring out the women’s classic and Original Adidas Superstar shoes. These shoes has a sleek shell-toe at the top with a leather rubber sole. The three stripes which represents Adidas adds the perfect touch to the shoe. You can customize your very own superstar shoes with different color schemes and you can add words to the shoe such as your name. How cool is to actually personalize a shoe that has been in the fashion industry since 1949? 


Talk about pure gold! These Michael Kors Allie sneakers are something that you can wear with your favorite leather black bag with jeans and a bedazzled blazer. These sneakers are more of a dress up sneaker for those summery nights. There is a polished Michael Kors logo embossed in the shoe. The material is a leather and satin lining with a rubber sole. There are four colors to choose from such as black, gold, and silver, but my favorite chic color is the white and rose gold. These are all pretty colors that will make your wardrobe say, “Oh my, look at all this golden glam!” 

Written By: Hadiyah Grove

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