Summer Must Have Beauty Products

For winter, it is crucial we keep our skin hydrated to prevent it from cracking and bleeding due to excessive dryness in the cold weather. Conversely, for summer, we need to protect our skin from the blazing hot sun. Therefore, it is clear that the weather of each season affects our daily beauty products as some products are necessary for a healthy skin, and some are simply the trendy products for the season. For 2k16 summer, there are a couple must have beauty products that you should be trying and carrying around everywhere you go. It’s June so you better be ready! Click on the price to directly purchase one online so you can be ready for summer!

1. Supergoop Everyday sunscreen ($19)- Doctors say applying sunscreen on your face should be a daily routine, meaning it shouldn’t only be when you are going to the beach or an amusement park. This brand is one of the best, most affordable sunscreens out there and it’s a must-have especially during summer in California!



2. Ablaze Bright Apricot Mac Lipstick ($17)- Mac has great colors for winter and summer. But the bright apricot color is perfect for summer – beach day or out on the streets. Looks gorgeous with a white button down.



3. Illuminating Highlight Pen (Tom Ford- $52)- For a quick face routine, use the illuminating face highlighter to highlight your cheekbones, eyelids, and nose for a dimension and some glow.



4. Overnight Tan (James Read- $38) – For a nice, natural looking tan, apply this ‘overnight bronzer’ at night and you will have the perfect tan the next day. You don’t need to sit for hours in the sun anymore.



5. Waterproof Eyeliner (Kat Von D- $19) – It’s harder to erase, but waterproof eyeliner is definitely a must-have for summer if you sweat in the sun or are planning to go to the beach.



6. Waterproof Mascara (Dior- $27.50) – For thick, curly eyelashes in the summer, this is a necessary beauty product that you should carry around everywhere you go.



7. Nail Polish (Essie red- $8.50)- Red is the bold color for summer this season. It is a gorgeous color that will complement any looks for summer and is therefore a summer essential.



8. Nail Polish (YSL- $28)- For a nail polish, YSL is definitely pricey. However, the beautiful intertwine of jasper green and pink opal illuminates on your nails. Reminding me of a mermaid’s tail, this is the perfect color for a refreshing summer.


Written By: Julie Ahn

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