Rihanna X Dior: Looking Into the Future


Rihanna has come to be known not only for the infectiousness of her pop songs, but for her always edgy and daring sense of style. It’s no surprise that designers like Puma, Manolo Blahnik, and now Dior have collaborated with the artist just this year. The Barbadian popstar has created a collection of futuristic sunglasses for Dior, to be released in early June. The sleek, metallic look of the collection points toward a heavily technology-inspired future in fashion, but just one of these chic frames comes to a total of $840, while a 24-karat gold pair would set you back $1,950, so for anyone whose thousand-dollar stacks of cash are burning a hole through their pocket, the collection, named ‘Rihanna,’ will soon be available exclusively in Dior stores.



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