Spotlight: Canvas by Land’s End

Land’s End is no longer where only your mom and kid brother shop! In April, Land’s End re-released another brand, Canvas, which is aimed at fashion-forward shoppers. Back in 2009, Land’s End made its first attempt at drawing in young people by releasing Canvas for the first time. However, the executives decided that Canvas’ look wasn’t different enough from the main brand’s and so scrapped the idea. Lately, Land’s End has been struggling financially, and so is using a spiffed-up version of the old Canvas to revitalize itself in today’s market. The idea for the new Canvas came from the mind of Land’s End CEO Federica Marchionni, who used to be at Dolce and Gabbana. Her idea was to bring sleeker silhouettes and more aesthetically focused patterns to the brand. So, now, at Land’s End stores you can find trendy pieces that will make you stand out in addition to their usual classic wardrobe staples!


This time around, Land’s End isn’t just advertising the more fashionable items under Canvas. It is also introducing its Inner Circle club, where customers can receive special deals on certain items, in addition to free shipping and returns on everything, for a monthly membership fee- much like Amazon Prime. While this certainly has worked for Amazon, many experts are skeptical of how it will work for a clothing company, since people don’t need to buy so much clothes each month, but may need to make many purchases of anything imaginable, which is exactly what Amazon sells.

Regardless of how Inner Circle may work for Land’s End or for you, you don’t need to be a member of it to shop at Canvas. There is always an  appeal to classically fashionable clothes with a glamorous twist.  Check out some of Canvas’ new looks below and see what you think!


Written by: Rachel Manning

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