UK Online Clothing Stores

Luckily, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to purchase an item you want that is outside of the United States. While it may cost a few dollars for shipping and handling, thanks to the brilliant international shipping and advanced transportation, you can purchase almost anything from abroad and have them shipped right to your doorstep in a couple days. British people admire Americans and their products, but here in America, everyone dreams of visiting somewhere in Europe. With UK fashion being highly praised here in America, there are many UK online clothing stores any American can shop at.  As teenagers, the only thing we can do is SHOP. So save up some money for a shopping spree at these online stores. Or if you are simply bored and eye shopping is your hobby, check out these UK websites with awesome products.

  • ASOS – My personal favorite, ASOS, offers a wide range of clothing with the newest trends. Price ranges from affordable to $600 dresses and you can probably find an outfit to any occasion here because there are literally pages and pages of products. ASOS is famous for their cute dresses and the trendiest UK shoes.
  • Mango – Similar to Zara, Mango has high quality and trendy clothing items that are perfect for each season. Its styles are chic, high class, and simply- elegant.
  • PrettyLittleThing – This store actually resembles Misguided, consisting of sexy dresses and clothing statement pieces that are tumblr-worthy. Most of the popular items are bodycon dresses that outline your curves and may even resemble Kylie Jenner’s closet.




  • Runaway Bandits – The theme here is simple. Although the designs are simple and mainly one solid color, they are perfect for clean-cut UK outfits. Even with the awfully simple organization of the clothing items, I doubt you can stop scrolling for a few minutes.
  • Lazy Oaf – Lazy Oaf’s collections are very limited and there is a variety of items. But every single item is so special and cute, you will fall in love with each piece. Sadly, Lazy Oaf is on the pricey side so you better start saving up!

Written By: Julie Ahn

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