Styled by Songs: ‘Jet Black Heart’ by 5SOS

5SOS is breaking away from the more classic mainstream pop melodies in their latest album “Sounds Good Feels Good”, which leans more towards the “punk” end of the pop-spectrum. Their newest single ‘Jet Black Heart’ is filled with pain and exposes the dark underbelly of what it is to be human; the title itself pretty much gives away the fact that there will be some pretty emotion-heavy lyrics in the song.

‘Cause I’ve got a jet black heart
And there’s a hurricane underneath it
Trying to keep us apart
I write with a poison pen
But these chemicals moving between us
Are the reason to start again


In the first two lines alone, the song emits the idea of inner turmoil and obviously darkness, serving as inspiration for a dark color palette. By writing these words to be sung to the world, the writers of the song are shining a spotlight on intimate and personal feelings, which means one thing—lace. With lace, the skin is slightly exposed, similarly to how the song exposes certain feelings and emotions without going into immense detail. This black lace shirt combines both the darkness of the song’s chorus as well its intimacy, and the dark jeans push that “dark” vibe even further. The blue-green flats add a nice pop of color to the otherwise dark outfit without being too bright, showing that life isn’t always all dark—there’s always hope “to start again”.

See a war I wanna fight it
See a match I wanna strike it


5SOS also introduces some feelings of power in these lyrics, and when combined with the overall darkness of the song…well. Black leather. Both the motorcycle jacket and A-line pencil skirt give this outfit structure while still being edgy and exuding confidence; it basically screams power and independence.

As we burst into color
Returning to life


This song alternates between black and color, and this outfit combines the lace, leather, and a bit of actual color. The black leather jacket maintains that powerful, badass aura while the lace skirt adds both the intimacy and color components of the song. The combination of lace and color illustrates the idea of being able to share darkness with those around you while still maintaining the belief that things can get better and become more colorful.

Written by: Brittany Jackson

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