Why Backpacks Are Superior to Handbags in Every Way

Usually when we think of backpacks, we think of them adorning the backs of naive middle-schoolers or weighing down the shoulders of a prepared hiker. However, we’re moving into an age where efficiency and comfort are not only favored, but expected in the fashion industry, and fashionistas everywhere are trading in their designer handbags for chic backpacks. Those who are already enlightened about the superiority of backpacks are rejoicing about this current fashion trend, but for those who are still skeptical, let me lay out all of the reasons why backpacks are better than purses.


  1. They’re more efficient for when you’re on the go

    Who needs to be juggling a purse on the crook of your elbow and a coffee thermos in your hand while you wrestle your credit card out of your wallet in front of an impatient cashier at local convenience store? Being able to keep your bag safely strapped to your back will free up your hands for a more efficient way to get around.2

  2. They’re thief-proof

    Some people are skeptical about the safety of backpacks, thinking that having a bag on your back and out of your line of sight would make it easier for people to pick-pocket, but it’s actually the other way around. Backpacks, with secure closures and tight straps, are harder for someone to grab your wallet out of without you noticing. Meanwhile, your average tote bag slung around your shoulder is easy for someone to swipe stuff out of and run away with or casually grab something when you’re distracted.3

  3. They’re better for your posture

    Gone are the days when kids complain about their shoulders aching from the weight of their textbooks. Many popular brands have introduced ergonomic designs to their backpacks, most notably the Kanken by Swedish brand Fjallraven, which is designed to improve the posture of the wearer.4

  4. They’re so freakin’ cute!

    While a tiny purse screams “I probably have a chihuahua,” or “I only carry a single tampon,” tiny backpacks usually still have enough room in them to fit a paperback novel and are still impossibly adorable.5

  5. They’re just as chic and stylish as handbags

    If you’re really worried that wearing a backpack will make you look like a nerdy 3rd grader, have no fear. Brands as glamorous as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and many more are making gorgeous and high-quality backpacks for the modern fashionista on-the-go. So take the plunge and swap out all of your handbags, purses, and clutches, for the far superior backpack.



Written BySydney Rakestraw

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