Best Hairstyles for Different Sports

If you play a sport, it might seem hard to choose a hairstyle that lets you perform without worrying about your hair, but also looks amazing at the same time. It is easy to pile all your hair on the top of your head and not have to worry about it getting it in your face, but it may not be satisfying if you want your hair to look good, while you’re playing sports. There are hairstyles that can compliment you and stay out of the way, while playing different sports.

While playing soccer, an ideal hairstyle would be a ponytail braid. It gives style and edge to your soccer uniform, while providing a comfortable and maintainable hair option. If you were to just wear a ponytail, your hair would swing everywhere and get in your face. This could result in you losing your focus and concentration, so the ponytail braid is a great choice for soccer.


While swimming, a tight French braid is an ideal choice. It’s ideal because it’s simple and will flow behind you as you swim, but it will also stay together, which is helpful for your swimming vision. It should be tight, so it will not come loose underwater, but stay together and look great.


While performing gymnastics, a donut braid is great because it should stay up firmly, while you’re doing flips and tricks. Instead of having a ponytail that can get in your face or a simple bun that can come out, a donut bun is a great choice to ensure comfort, reliability, and style.


Written by: Shania Shelton

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