Inspired by Songs: “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.

“Then one night, as I closed my eyes,
I saw a shadow flying high
He came to me with the sweetest smile
Told me he wanted to talk for awhile
He said, “Peter Pan. That’s what they call me.
I promise that you’ll never be lonely.”
And ever since that day…”


The dreamy, Peter Pan-centered lyrics in Ruth B.’s obviously call for a Peter Pan color, the color blue, and a dress of some sort. This outfit ties these components together, closely alluding something Wendy would have been wearing before flying to Neverland with Peter Pan.

I am a lost boy from Neverland
Usually hanging out with Peter Pan
And when we’re bored we play in the woods
Always on the run from Captain Hook
“Run, run, lost boy,” they say to me,
“Away from all of reality.


The combination of the deep green cardigan and Converse sneakers illustrate the forests and adventures to be seen and had in Neverland.

Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling,
Even Captain Hook.
You are my perfect story book
Neverland, I love you so,
You are now my home sweet home
Forever a lost boy at last.”


The elegance and soft color palette of this look allude to the idea of storybooks and the serene waters of Neverland.

Written by: Brittany Jackson

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