Styled by Songs: ‘You Can Love Me’ by the Boxer Rebellion

In April, English indie band The Boxer Rebellion released their song, You Can Love Me. It’s a sensitive, wistful, albeit sad song about a person who wants to love and to be loved by a friend who has been hurt in the past- a friend who has learned to be wary of loving anyone at all. He gives her the option of turning her back on her sadness and opening her heart to love and affection. He tells her that she has the power to change her thinking for the better.

The fight you pick is misunderstood
I will never be one to try and hurt you for good
Burn out, runs right through to my bones
You keep me awake, in waves of unwavering storm

But I’ll say
You can love me
You can love me
You can love me
You have a choice


You can tell from the lyrics that the narrator of the song is doing his best to be unassuming, open and nonthreatening in his attempts to convince his potential lover to open up. This goal requires a look that’s functional and not over-the-top. We have all experienced some side of this emotional struggle, and, no matter which side of it we were on, the emotions of vulnerability and loneliness will have set in our hearts. Dark colors and soft, comforting fabrics are good for all the sitting around and thinking that we’ll have to do to get beyond these feelings and address the painful situation at hand.


Waves and waves of anger
Are reflected in your eyes
Reflective of what chances
Have fallen by the way
Side by side and endless
Let’s never fall apart
No one above the other
No one to break your heart


Despite the heaviness in her heart, there is always hope that the person whom the narrator loves will find it in herself to grow in strength and love someone back. If she gets past her anger and pain, the two can be together as equals in fondness, honesty, and vulnerability. For this, soft and comforting fabrics are still a must. However, lighter colors and patterns can be introduced as a sign of the hope for the future. Any person who feels like this will still need a lot of time to sit around and think, so, again, function and simplicity are important.

Whatever your romantic struggle may be, there’s always hope for happiness. What better way to reflect that fact than to style yourself based on how you feel? As your heart heals, introduce lighter and brighter pieces to your wardrobe to show the world how you and the person you love have built you up to be.


Written by: Rachel Manning

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