Styled by Songs: “Drama for Life” by Poets of the Fall


Drama for Life is the new single by the criminally under-recognized kings of alt rock, Poets of the Fall.  It is from their upcoming album, Clearview, which will be released on Sept. 30. To paraphrase singer Marko Saaresto, Drama for Life is about how our minds will sometimes play a well-calculated game of chess against us in order to trick us into a certain frame of mind and make us lose at our own game.

I’ve got this madman in my mind
This prolific designer
And he’s working overtime
And he gets all wired up
Higher and higher
As we fly
We’re Poets of the Fall

Perfect, near fatal headlong dive
A blueprint for life
Blueprint your life
Aggressively primal
Cultural high
This mental Versailles
Is much grander than the lies
You tell yourself to get
Through the night
Sentenced to drama
For life

Now, the beautiful thing about this song is that you can infer almost anything from it. I choose to infer that it’s telling me to always be ready to fight the mad(woman) inside me. I need to prepare to fight her, because she’s at this moment preparing to fight me. Both of us are going to make deliberate and designed maneuvers in this game, and each person needs to dress their part.

In order to fight, one needs to be dressed very sensibly. Your madperson is always going to try to attack first, so, to carry the chess metaphor, let’s put them in white, as the white side always moves first. This leaves you to take the black side. Flat-soled boots, sweaters, and simple cuts will always do you right, as they each serve multiple functions and can be adjusted or altered as your situation or comfort level require.



Your madperson, since they will be moving first, will have the upper hand- at least in the beginning. They don’t need to be dressed quite as conveniently and can afford high glamour.  For all their trickery, the white side in this game sure is impressive, beautiful to look at, and perhaps a little impractical- much like the palace of Versailles. Fancy suits and stylish jumpsuits fit this image well, as they make you feel like you’re in charge and are often reserved for situations where you know that you won’t be under too much stress or activity.




The song doesn’t exactly tell you who wins the fight, as it’s a neverending battle where both sides have their strengths and weaknesses. Whether black wins, white wins, or both sides live on together is for you to decide. So go ahead! Listen to the rest of the song and tell us what you think.


Written by: Rachel Manning

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