Get Ready to GO Pokemon Hunting


Pokemon Go is the new hype these days and its popularity brought over 100 million downloads in app stores. Even the social media has been overflowing with pokemon go feeds. In many cases, pokemon hunters from various cities gathered up for meet-ups to hunt pokemons together. But pokemon love doesn’t end here. Some passionate fans started to dress up as their pokemons or their characters when hunting for pokemons. And with the whole hype for the game, there is no shame in dressing like your favorite game character.

We may not have the money or the time to buy an actual cosplay for these lovely characters, but if you still want to dress up like some of your pokemon or game characters, here are some ways you can dress up with your everyday clothing items.


You can always improvise- people will get the general idea. Many of us probably already own most of these items such as leggings, cap, shorts, and shoes. For the top and the bomber jacket, thrown on anything you have that seems most like it!


Black leggings- River Island

Nike Shoes

Nike Cap

Ivy Park Shorts

Halter top- Sans Souci

Bomber Jacket- Farfetch

Teen Vogue put together some ways to style Pokemon hunters.

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It seems complicated but all you really need is a pair of leggings and a pink/red romper. If you own plain hats, print pokemon go logo and simply tape it onto your hat. Quick and easy!


No, we did not forget about all the male fans out there! Throw on a yellow hoodie and those comfy black sweats and you are pretty much ready to GO!

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Don’t want a full-on cosplay? Show some spirit with these accessories!


Team competition is getting viciously intense these days and have been even getting into some friendships. Are you brave enough to wear your team shirt? I don’t recommend you walking alone with these shirts since people are getting a little violent and sensitive to which team everyone is in.


For all the couples out there whose recent dating sites have been pokestops, look cute in this matching set of hoodies!


Seriously, no shame in some fun cosplay! Even Rihanna is catching up with the trend!


Written By: Julie Ahn

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