90 Degrees Outfits

No, the 90 degrees does not refer to right angles. Because California summer is mostly hot, we are constantly experiencing high temperatures. When 90 degrees fahrenheit is the average temperature during the months of June through September, outfits can get a little stressful to plan as we want to look cute but be cool as possible. Here are some outfit ideas to beat the heat and remain stylish at the same time.

One of the basic ways to keep cool when the air is hot is to pick the right colors. Although it’s not a fashion taboo, try to stay away from the warmer colors. Simply picking the cool colors will give off a refreshing look on a summer day.

Cold shoulders- When is a better time to wear off the shoulders than a blazin’ summer day? They are in trend and look cute with any pair of shorts. To spice up any off the shoulder look, go for neck accessory such as a bandana or a choker. (Just make sure to wear sunscreen on your shoulders!)

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Kimono cardigans- If you absolutely want to cover your arms (due to school dress code or self-desire), no fear because kimono cardigans are here. Cardigans are definitely the cozy staple piece for fall but they can be transformed into a breezy cover up for summer. Kimono cardigans come in many beautiful patterns and this is perfect if your are a boho chick.

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Surprisingly, stripes and summer go very well together. We may not think of this often but striped tops or striped dresses make a perfect summer outfit- and best of all, they go with almost anything!


Here we see that denim shorts are staple closet piece for 90 degrees days.


Summer dresses are noticeably popular in summer. They are easy to put on and you don’t need to worry about what top goes with which bottoms. Summer dresses also look flawless under the sun with a floppy hat and a pair of cute sandals.

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There is probably nothing more comfortable than a good old t-shirt. Graphic t-shirts are comfortable, stylish, and conversation starters depending on what’s on the shirt. There are also various ways when it comes styling graphic shirts. You can wear them tucked in a skirt or shorts, loose with a pair of distressed shorts, or as an oversized dress.

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Written By: Julie Ahn

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